Covid-19 Update

Mike Hogan
Wednesday, April 1, 2020
Covid-19 Update
Now that we are in a state of emergency in this Province, business is severely hampered by the necessity of “social distancing” and hygiene requirements. Unfortunately, we are just entering into the spring market and there are many buyers and sellers that need to make a move. Every news source is encouraging everyone to stay at home and avoid any unnecessary contact with others. Customer safety is our number one priority so, even though real estate usually involves face to face contact with buyers, sellers and realtors, we have new protocols in place to significantly reduce the risk of contracting the virus.
- If you’ve been recently out of the country, postpone any real estate plans for at least two weeks.
- If you are feeling any of the symptoms of the virus, get tested and/or self-quarantine for two weeks.
- If you are 70 or older or have any health issues that make you more susceptible to contracting the virus, you should postpone your plans.
-  If you need or want to sell right now, we can meet online with ZOOM Meetings or Go To Meetings and have the same conversation as face to face.   All necessary documents can be completed online with no personal contact. The home stager and photographer will wear masks and gloves when entering your home, as I will when I’m taking measurements or visiting for any reason.  All showings will be a “go- direct”, where I or a team member  will meet the buyer and their realtor at the door with hand sanitizer, surgical gloves and masks.  I recommend that you wipe down all door handles, light switches and all horizontal surfaces  when you return home after a showing. When we get an offer it can also be addressed online.  The home inspector and/or appraiser will also be wearing masks and gloves, as will the buyers, with any revisits. Another alternative is to complete everything online-call me for details.
-  With buyers, the same protocols are in place. All viewings will require masks and gloves with the suggestion that you try not to touch anything.  Travel to homes for showings will be in your own car with me or my team member travelling separately. Try to limit the amount of people you bring to showings and please leave your children at home.
With interest rates at historical lows, this is a great time to buy or sell a home.  However, safety comes first, so we have implemented these precautions to do our part in stopping the spread of Covid-19.
Please call me if you want to discuss the sale of your home or purchase of a new one or any real estate related issue. Please take care,
Sincerely, Mike Hogan
Re/Max Rouge River Realty, Ltd
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